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When asked what their biggest takeaway was, here is what some attendees had to say:

  • Idea of offering an app to the conference host (or organization lead) to get in front of the attendees (or members) – great idea!
  • It is possible for anyone to success provided they put in some effort
  • Use of creativity in marketing
  • Giving away an app to generate awareness about your business and creating apps to athletes!  Amazing!
  • Very creating new strategies for targeting live events
  • The sponsorship strategy
  • How willing Bellamy and Branden were to share their formula for success with us
  • To take massive action now! Also, the sky is the limit.
  • There is no substitute for a smart mind and that is what they actually showed us. It also showed that one needs to be mentally limber and try to be ready for any situation. I still have some questions though…
  • The whole idea of creating Apps for Events gave me such a light bulb moment! I knew exactly where I would want to start doing this. And the whole idea of using speaking gigs to drive traffic/get clients fits with the direction I have recently started taking. Great confirmations all around!
  • There are a lot of powerful ways to succeed in this business.
  • Making use of events
  • That common, ordinary, non-techie people can succeed using GoMobile.
  • I liked the case studies and foot in door strategies.
  • All the methods used by Bellamy and Brandon to engage their customers.
  • How to present the product to the business owner and how to close the sale.
  • All of the presenters were master closers.  The strategies for closing and shutting down opposition were GREAT!
  • The strategies shared and the opening of the creative ideas from the sharing of those strategies.
  • I caught most of webby, got n late, but the no brainer simplicity for biz owners
  • Mobile impact and growth
  • App examples! I don’t use them, don’t download them and don’t know anything about them so not
  • confident selling them. I’m learning about them now!
  • Volunteering an app for special events!
  • Events being a great way to get clients
  • The objection replies by you and Branden.
  • Selling is very easy if you have the how to
  • How to overcome objections
  • Re-Focus on mobile apps
  • Make the “win”; don’t be afraid to think outside the box
  • Many different ways to market mobile sites and apps
  • Need to act consistently on what I learn
  • I’m not sure.  There were many.
  • That event marketing for mobile apps is a sure fire way to leverage leads
  • Take Away was a treasure trove of mobile marketing insights & innovative executions.
  • Loved the give one away to a group in order get a table and speak/present at their event. Brilliant!
  • Different marketing ideas and sponsoring events
  • Idea of using apps to leverage other apps
  • Do NOT focus on your weaknesses. Outsource them or find a complementary business partner so that you can focus on your strengths.
  • 1. The “events” sponsorship approach
    2. Flexibility … I’ve got several apps waiting to launch and price is most likely the obstacle … so I’ve circled back to re-present value and find out what can be done to take them live.”
  • Approaches to pricing
  • The opportunity and marketing strategies.  Really was great content.
  • I need a great sales person
  • I had no idea of the possibilities mobile apps can provide. I was also impressed by the way sponsoring an app can explode your client funnel.
  • Sales technique from Damien