The #1 Post-COVID Business Solution

Discover The Highest-ROI Digital Marketing Service You Can Offer Clients in 2020…With Barely Any Competition!

PLEASE NOTE: We sold out of the 20 Fast-Action Bonus spots shortly after the webinar, so we made a decision to add 20 more while the replay is up. If they’re on the sales page, you’re one of the 20!

This was an incredible webinar chock-full of amazing content, which you’ll see John Logar is extremely passionate about. That said…it’s also pretty long! Which is why we’ve made time stamps available to you so you can skip around as needed.

06:04 Introduction
18:41 Why mobile Apps?
28:11 What if you don’t have tech experience?
30:21 The best niches
37:22 Event app model (yes, even during quarantine!)
53:11 What does it cost to build an app? (This will blow your mind…)
56:09 Niche App Case Studies and Examples
1:16:37 The Platinum VIP App Club Special Offer
1:19:12 John Logar’s thoughts about the offer
1:27:07 Bonuses included in your purchase
1:30:02 Fast-Action bonuses included in your purchase today *20 added for the duration of the replay – if they’re on the sales page, you’re getting them!
1:40:43 Summary of everything you’re getting today
1:42:06 How to get started
1:48:47 Damien’s action-taker strategy for making your first 1-3 sales
1:57:06 Frequently Asked Questions
2:05:50 John Logar’s closing thoughts (absolute GOLD – must watch!)

How 74-Year-Old Katy Fletcher Created a Thriving Apps Business