Replay Expires In…

Simple Agency Sales System Case Study: Kevin shared his #1 Discovery with two of John Logar’s students. Here’s what happened!

Watch this time-limited replay as
they break open their case study and reveal:

– all the assets they used
– the resumes they received
– the questions they asked
…and more!

Additionally . . .

  • Kevin and I will introduce you to someone who turned the Simple Agency Sales System on its head…and created a $20,000 per MONTH net revenue stream from just ONE client!
  • He’ll also share his HOT FB Lead System that gets him one client per week…
  • And you’ll see exactly how you can hire a highly-qualified, highly-motivated marketing intern for free!

…and if you missed the first webinar, he’ll cover:

  • The simple “glaring & obvious” change that transformed his business. He now averages 2 new clients a week (and some weeks 3 or 4 new clients) at $1,000/mo!
  • How to completely remove yourself from the sales process. Great for anyone who hates selling but still wants to close clients regularly.
  • Why this ONE person is the first one you should hire…and how to do it completely risk-free. WARNING: it isn’t who you think.
  • How to never cold call again…while quadrupling your results.
  • Why your dreams of $10k/mo are too small…and how to achieve – and TRIPLE them in 6 months from now.

What people are saying:

  • Kevin Wilke is a great guy and thought leader – Eric

  • Kevin was great and a true pioneer of the offline world. – Michael Denson

  • Kevin nailed it in terms of “The One Thing” that we as agency owners need to be focused on – getting appointments with qualified prospects on our calendar every day! – Gary Gil

  • He has the system down. Well worth putting in place as a real growth system. – Daniel Wright

  • This solves the problem of being awesome at selling other people’s services and products and suck at selling your own! 😉 – Celeste Bonnet

  • There’s hope for introverts. It’s possible to succeed. – James Turner

  • This is a helpful strategy for introverts. I appreciate Kevin’s honesty and openness. – Trevor Clark

  • An introvert can be successful in sales. Having an appointment setter or this system in particular, would be a huge plus for any agency – Scott Seales

  • The end to end of finding appointment setters to actual sales closers to building a team in systematic way. I want to start right away. – DelRoy

  • An efficient method to get appointments with clients. – Brent Marking

  • Kevin is so detail-oriented and is confident in his system. I could totally do this. – Chip Paschal

  • He breaks down the process as to how to get appointment setters. – Butler W. Lewis

  • Great training and Kevin clearly knows exactly what most small agencies are missing! -Jarvis

  • Very innovative, and highly adaptable. Look forward to trying it. – Gary McDonald

  • It’s a proven sales and marketing system. Hire a rock star appointment setter. Huge difference! – Don Waudby

  • Being able to hire a good appointment setter is a game changer. A great idea to create a hiring funnel! – David Sukert

  • Kevin has (1) a genuine concern and love for other marketers, and (2) he has a keen focus on analysis, which is rarely matched in the industry. This SASS really hits the mark: the missing link. – Cal Hill

  • Kevin nailed it in terms of “The One Thing” that we as agency owners need to be focused on – getting appointments with qualified prospects on our calendar every day! – Gary Gil

  • A proven paint by numbers system, It’s as done for you as go mobile solutions products so it’s a great fit. He replaced himself from the sales process. – Dave Oakley

  • It gave me a better approach to finding the help I need in the area of setting appointments and sales. It freed me to dump a lot the shiny object approaches I’ve looked into in trying to get some deals. It also gives me a powerful focus and helps me see that I can build an effective sales system. – James Hardee

  • Solid information. You need to automate the process of finding good people to set appointments – Brian Devine

  • Kevin’s training is unique. It’s durable and the process can definitely expand any agency and build revenue. – Butler W. Lewis

  • It is a system to help me create an agency that I can manage, with the staffing needed to fulfill. A way to grow & scale to the point I desire! Terrific offer for SASS! I need help – and Kevin can show me how to get qualified appt setters! – Michele Kincaid

  • I’ve been trying to set things up this way for a while. I’ve always thought it was a no brainer. Nice to see someone figured it out. The difference between searching for “appointment setters” and “sales development representatives”…that was different. I haven’t heard that before. Great info. – J. Gatlin

  • It’s as done for you as go mobile solutions products so it’s a great fit. – anon

  • He developed a great system by doing the process. I need this system. – Michael Denson

  • Kevin Wilke is an awesome mentor and has solved the biggest challenges for newbies. – Joe Martinez

  • Kevin’s sincerity in helping others really came through in his presentation. His offering is unique and powerful. – Jim McCabe

  • Kevin Wilke is the master of creating a fantastic business system that will work to automate of locating and hiring the best talent to develop greater and greater sales appointments. – Jim Rice

  • Kevin Wilke is amazing. His down to earth style is refreshing. His system is a must have for any agency!!! – Scott Seales

  • Systems get things done! – Tabitha Naylor

  • Simple and straightforward. – Robert Cmiel

  • My mind is still spinning. This is like a steroid shot to my business! – Matt Bush