Happy Hour 31 – 2021 Apps Announcement

Notification of SC bankruptcy 10:00
Apps turn-time 23:23
Liane’s on, yay 26:57
White Listing GMS Emails 29:04
Why an app, if SMS 31:16 (Continued 33:58)
Oh eM Gee, a puppy 32:03
Does SMSpro work inside the app? 37:49
SMS, then upsell app 38:36
Apps Mentor 40:54
Legacy SC apps gone 42:35
QR Code (also mobile biz card, can do this with GoMobile Site Builder) 42:49
David Thayer, our way of selling apps 44:55
Mockups – Apps Composition 45:55
Tera Allison Demo Apps going away, maybe rebuild a couple 49:48
Book: Make Big Happen, Mark Moses 57:15
Daily GMS Huddle 58:48
Apple App ID is pushed as an update 1:08:27
Judy, Clubhouse 1:09:45
Kimber Win 1:18:37
Gary Kurth, Using Apps to Negotiate 1:21:06
Price Increases 1:35:43
-Price Increase Q&A 1:42:36
Maya Suggestion for GoMobile Prime 1:57:04
Summarized Price Increases 1:59:52