HH32 – Mary Dee

Favorite Food, and Covid Recovery 6:05
Pain into Purpose (Challenges) 12:43
Resilience story 17″29
Disclaimer, begin exercise 23:21
-Music (Tibetan Healing Sounds: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x6UITRjhijI) 30:30
-What’s your Animal? 35:08
-What’s your Color? 37:26
-What’s Over the Wall? 39:34
5 Love Languages (dot com) 47:39
Damien’s Over the Wall, also see Negatives? 55:57
Steve Lewis, Gamification 1:01:23
Scaling, Interns, VA’s, Wages. 1:09:16
Steve Weber’s Wall / Story 1:18:38
How to Benefit from US Stimulus? 1:22:22
Advice for starting an agency 1:26:13
How Apps can solve new world problems 1:29:14
Monkey poop story and then toasting Mary 1:36:36
Upcoming Book, and Breasties 1:41:16
Mary’s Feedback, and wrapping up before After Hours, Jade Elephant, John White 1:44:13
Upcoming HH Sessions 1:50:24
Liane’s Feedback on Mary’s session 1:57:11
Question about Live Events 2:00:36
GMSocial stuff 2:05:16