How Paul Schneider Made $3.2 M with Apps!

Giving Back 2:31
3.2M in 5 years – 1 Clever Idea 5:20
Stories sell, not stats 8:08
Leverage Customer Resources 14:26
Try to have the client ask for the sale 19:35
Katy, discovered silver bullet from this 22:13
Pricing Points, Financing 24:48
Reminding Clients about Features 29:39
Multi-Location 32:36
3rd Party Features, Example Gloria Foods 34:20
Paul’s Outreach and Marketing Strategies 37:54 for 30-day follow up 40:08
-More Marketing/Outreach Strategies 42:30
Self-Financing the app sale 43:57
How to get clients to promote the app 46:06
Marketing Idea, Birthday Specials 51:27
Foot in Door, simple stuff improves Operations 53:53

Mid Point, check-in and preview of upcoming stuff 56:33
Back to Paul, first sales, his website 1:00:00
-WL Members get Premium Site. Also coming soon, GoHighLevel CRM / Site 1:03:19
-How to find a Video for your site 1:04:50
Google Alerts to find customers? 1:05:23
-Demo of 1:06:54 (continued 1:10:30 after a question about networking
Gamification Preview 1:11:33
Jr Ent, Social Media Recs? Craigs List 1:15:02
-3rd party SMS? 1:18:29
-Apps Analytics? Leading to Features 1:21:14
-Paul’s Top Categories? 1:22:59
3rd party resources: Job Nimbus 1:26:38
Paul’s parting words 1:28:21

After Hours and Ah-Hah’s 1:30:15
Recurring reasons, pay plans, leasing. 1:33:10
New Platform, rewards 1:39 08
Future Features, 3rd Party SAS 1:40:20
PWA’s having troubles 1:42:51
McDonalds to-go bag, QR Code 1:44:21
No room for apps? -Silver Bullet 1:45:22
3rd party validation 1:49:34
“Lives” on Social Media? 1:51:14

Apps Migration Updates 1:54:46
-How Greg feels about the new system
-New Design Team Members
-How we scale
Upcoming Works, Sam sold an app 2:01:45
Selling yourself in the Maintenance 2:03:40
Katy praise for Greg (Dev Team) 2:04:47
Wrap up, preview, time change 2:05:47