How To Get Your First Paid Client

The first MAJOR milestone people getting started as a Local Online Marketing Consultant need to reach is their first paid client.

Too many struggle getting to this and its time to SOLVE that if you’re having that problem right now.

This video gives you a simple, elegant, easy approach that removes all of the pressure, fear and anxiety and gives you a technique that works. You can have your first paid client within the next few days or weeks!

NOTE: This was recorded almost 4 years ago. The concept is TIMELESS and GOLDEN on getting your first client, however over time the type of service to focus on has evolved. Although this talks about SEO, you can use this approach with ANY local marketing service.

Download the video slides (pdf)
Consultative Sales Process
— Book: Getting Naked by Patrick Lencioni
Doing Business As (state-by-state list)