How a $250,000 Business Started From Virtually Nothing (100% Content)

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Here’s what a few of our viewers have said:

    So many choices. loved Dave’s coaching tips. so subtle but so powerful. like when to use the word imagine. great stuff!
    The truly rich content and the manner in which it was delivered. Great Job!
    Lots of info. Seemed like a very do – able program even for a beginner.

Some of their biggest takeaways:

    “Establish trust with a simple very valuable but cheap product”
    “How to let the customer sell themselves”
    “Follow the step by step process and close the deal”
    “The thought that by NOT closing a deal i am screwing the customer and my family simultaneously”
    “It was good to see a regular person, who didn’t have a sales back ground become so successful with this program. Speaks volumes about Dave’s coaching/training.”