Meet Katy Fletcher, successful “app”repreneur. 

Go Mobile has been my rock over the past few years in tackling the mobile app, mobile website and local digital marketing services business.

Their DFY mobile app (and mobile website) services are key to my current success. I’ve been able to count on GM’s app development team – with their solid technical and design skills. They’ve hung in there with me to solve my client’s unique – and sometimes rather challenging – app requests. The GM team simply doesn’t give up until we’ve met my customer’s needs.

I’ve also applied GM’s rock solid advice to focus on a “targeted” market niche. This approach has without a doubt lifted my “credibility” and “authority” (and confidence) in the eyes of my prospects and clients. It’s made my sales effort more efficient and productive – and frankly more fun. This niche approach has helped me build a solid pipeline of business to close. I wouldn’t be as far along in this business without GM’s advice to focus on a niche.

NOTE: GM had a great webinar teaching this strategy. In addition, GM’s specific mobile app solution is key to my pricing success. Because it’s not a cookie cutter solution, I’ve been successful selling my apps for $2500 and more, delivering a fantastic net margin.


With Go Mobile’s ongoing training and mentoring, I’ve recently expanded my pricing model to incorporate higher monthly recurring fees ($50 to $200 per month for app management). I’ve been able to package in GM’s mobile website solution and now getting ready to provide the DFY VA360 online visibility services – a great way to build my monthly recurring revenue. Go Mobile has my back.

I rarely miss a webinar that Damien puts on because every time I attend one, I walk away with valuable business tips and perspectives that I can apply. Damien is always looking out for the latest product services/solutions that I can add to my offerings. I know he has another FYI service coming out shortly that my prospects and clients desperately need – I will be adding this to my sales package.

My recurring monthly revenue can’t help but grow. A BIG THANKS YOU to Damien and the whole team at Go Mobile!

Katy Fletcher

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