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Case Study: See How One GoMobile Solutions Community Member, Chuck Chiodo, Closed His First Deal In Just 12 Hours (Worth $4,200 In Revenue) With SMS Pro 360! 

Listen to what other GoMobile Solutions Community Members had to say when asked:
“What Did You Enjoy Or Value Most About This Webinar?”

I liked that they asked Chuck to explain how he was able to engage and receive information from someone that could help him grow his customer base. The sign guy.
Bryan M.

Mobile Stats & Pre-Made Campaigns and what to do with them.
Gregory S.

It had a lot of information and focused on specific industries.
Jim B.

Learning about another cutting edge tool I can use for clients.
Dawn L.

Provided ways to attract customers from some “hard to crack” markets.
Rich K.

The ability to personalize the training to the individual abilities, and the simplicity of the program so that anyone can use it.
Carl H.

Hi energy as usual… and the potential is incredible! I am SO happy that I was able to get in on this from the beginning 🙂
Kat C.

It addressed a huge problem I have: how do I get more clients? (and clients that pay me on a more regular basis)
Casey P.

The completeness of the platform.
Roger W.

I like the fact that I now have an effective way to prospect the auto, real estate…niches
Keith W.

How awesome you guys are!!! Also, how this goes right along with VA360
Amro E.

Like I said I missed parts of the webinar because there was a lightning storm going on at the same time here in Myrtle Beach. I did get the product, and I think it will help kick start my Biz.
Stan G.

I love how go mobile takes existing technologies and then apply them in ways a little different than the competition.
Chuck C.

The way it was presented with some strategies we can implement immediately and the way the program and software complements other programs we previously purchased.
Ryan W.

The actual product itself blew me away. I own similar products (from others, of course) that can do similar things individually…but this brings them all together and is a game changer. Fantastic work GoMobile team!!
Michael S.

The timing of the product being released. Clients needs this solution whether they know it yet or not.
Gavin J.

Been looking for an sms platform – even asked Jody about his opinion on a company I was looking at – he said hold off we’ve got something BIG coming
Tracy W.

It’s obvious the amount of hard work and preparation that went into not only preparing for the webinar, but also ensuring that SMS Pro 360 is a complete solution. The sales materials, presentation tools, and ease of white labeling the interface are all really powerful and fully complete and ready to go.
Chip P.

How many Applications there were, and actual industries identified.
Harold S.

The fact that Damien and Jody and Vanessa are so passionate about what they do and really want us to succeed and offer us such amazing products and services to do that with.
Delores F.

Jody has so much relevant information that listening to him instills confidence. Kudos to GoMobile for staying ahead of the competition!
Lance F.

A lot of great training in addition to introducing a much needed program for a complete Mobile Marketing agency.
Terry R.

Your product is a no brainer offer for businesses.
Braynard V.

What Was Your Biggest Take-Away?

The Real estate strategy.
Frank C.

A cost-effective product that can offer huge value.
Fiona C.

The time is right for mobile.
Barry N.

As much as I say I am never going to purchase another program. This subject matter SMS Pro 360 makes the most sense out of all the programs I have purchased up to date…..finally a program that features sweepstakes! Have worked with Realtors and Auto Dealers in the past.
Mark T.

The QR codes for the real estate and car dealerships… Huge!!!
Edgar F.

Inexpensive foot in the door service to offer local businesses.
Brian H.

There is serious value in the product/software that I know will be supported and updated well.
Michael F.

No monthly recurring fees!!!
Ed H.

The amazing power and value of this.
Cynthia P.

GoMobile strikes again – having a kick ass solution for real estate agents and dealerships really opens up markets that are otherwise hard to crack.
Dawn L.

Boom, how text is going to explode what I have to offer.
Wendall D

The realization that mobile is only going to get bigger and more ubiquitous.
Chris J.

That I CAN DO this and help a LOT of businesses, EZ-PZ 🙂
Kat C.

Solutions for realtors.
David S.

Mobile marketing is only getting better and better!
Teresa H.

I bought the SMS Pro 360 system. I still haven’t finished the training yet. I’m in module 3 and so far it’s pure GOLD! 
Casey P.

This new platform can get clients – can use it as a an add-on to mobile app sales.
Neal S.

I like how SMS Pro 360 compliments Virtual Agency 360
Keith W.

Mobile marketing rocks!!!
Amro E.

It’s very simple and easy to understand.
Stan G.

Great solution for Realtors!
Chuck C.

The quick and varied ability of the customer to launch mini-marketing campaigns using the white label interface, and the ability to track ROI of the campaigns.
Steve O.

Benefits to local business, especially if coordinated with other digital marketing efforts.
Bob K.

That I need to share this platform with others to help make great strides in their business. I love the approach to give it free to the big fish in the company and others will follow suit…built in social proof for SMS PRO 360!!!
Michael S.

The powerful case study story. I used it within the hour with a client.
Gavin J.

Great platform with lots of options to provide value to clients.
Tracy W.

I’m so excited to have a system I can present to specific niches. I think this is a system that will really benefit local businesses to capture leads, increase customer engagement, and drive traffic to their stores.
Chip P.

That the software is easy to use and the service is easy to sell and every business needs this mobile solution. I couldn’t pick just one 🙂
Delores F.

How well the “new” product was presented, and the obvious benefits it offered to me as a local business specialist.
Allen L.

A complete package and ideas about Real Estate prospects.
Lance F.

The many support tools that come with the program…of course…that is the way GoMobile Rolls!!!
Terry R.

It’s a competitive advantage for every business.
Braynard V.