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Here’s what other GoMobile Solutions Community Members had to say about Video Edge Pro when asked the following questions:

What Did You Enjoy Or Value Most About This Training & Demo?

The fact that you could get websites ranked on page 1 within 5 days.
Mark T.

The way you packaged Everything we need to get off to a successful start.
Mark L.

Outstanding presentation and concept. GoMobile again shows itself to be on the cutting edge.
Lance C.

Terrific content about how easy it is to create and rank videos for clients.
Chip P.

I enjoyed the simplicity of how to do the videos and the points of outsourcing.
Dale C.

The case study on the auto repair shop.
Brian D.

Done for you Videos.
William S.

Seeing what video does for ranking keywords.
Robert K.

Good, timely (current) stats. Jody’s “in the trenches” stories and experience.
Dave D.

Jody doesn’t just talk, he SHOWS YOU WHAT HE IS DOING to get clients. The realtor that sold his house, the shed he bought and how he talked to the realtor and shed company about how he could help them after analyzing what they were doing currently. REAL LIFE LEARNING
Patty R.

The content provided wasn’t all salesy. There was good actionable content.
Steve M.

Jodi’s off-the-cuff positioning and leading the business owner to the point where the owner can’t NOT check out the program.
Don B.

Always great usable content…You guys are awesome!
Chuck C.

What Was Your Biggest Take-Away?

Here’s a system that I can plug My Why into that takes care of the What (Video Marketing), the Who (both Bs in B2B, i.e. me and my customers), the When (now), and the How (Initial Setup, Market Selection, Prospecting, Sales stimulation/Fulfillment, Relationship maintenance, and more).
Deb H.

The fact that you have “done for you format” like the mobile apps.
Mark T.

How fast video is becoming dominant in the marketing world and the enormous opportunity it represents.
Ronald H.

That we don’t need to buy expensive cameras or hardware…we probably already have everything we need except for the training.
Chip P.

Done for you editing.
Ron R.

You provided real value for a greatly needed service while the market is hot on video.
Thomas D.

Having you rank the videos.
Keith W.

The long term value of the product to bring in recurring income.
Bob K.

GAME CHANGER…VIDEO IS THE FUTURE and this program makes it fast and easy and of course, profitable. What you need is not SEO or PPC, it is this course to take you to the next level in your business…THIS IS THE WAY TO GET AND KEEP YOUR CLIENTS!
Patty R.

It is an opportunity to add value and generate a lot of additional revenue from my existing and potential business owners.
Doug D.

The idea of using the phone’s video camera and to get video ranked, before discussing paid program – excellent way to build business quickly.
Don B.

How to approach clients.
Hani A.

I think one of the biggest takeaways is that the ranked videos can raise the ranking of my website. SEO has been getting increasingly difficult and this can be a HUGE benefit.
Jess O.

Finding out how many ways video can be used for a business.
Joanne D.