Last Shot to Pick Up NerdMetrics Charter & Have Vanessa’s U.S.-Based Team Become YOUR Team!


Where to Go…What to Say…And Everything You Need to Close The Sale!




Bob Kerr says, “I’ve been working with Vanessa ever since I did the Ultimate Agency 2 years ago. I paid $25,000 to be part of that! You can’t get a better service from better people, period. You can feel absolutely confident when you’re going out to sell these services that what you’re presenting to these clients will produce results.”


Cristina Castro says, “When we started the Ultimate Agency and Jody & Vanessa came out…I wish we would have had this set up already because it would have helped so much! It’s a blessing for our business.”


Luis Sarti says, “You put this thing on steroids! This product has been a saving grace because of the communication with clients.”

What people are saying about NerdMetrics:

You can quick-start an agency and outsource the mundane fulfillment to an American team! – Ed Taylor

Everything is laid out step-by-step. – Mark Sitter

I already know Vanessa. She’s good, credible and trustworthy and provides straightforward service with provable results. – Scott Korey

My favorite things about NerdMetrics are the done-for-you services, the training & back-end support…and best of all, lifetime access to all of that without monthly fees! It’s a package of the most popular needs for a digital agency in one place! – Yvette Exum

Vanessa is the real deal! – Patty & Wayne Rutkowski

It’s a franchise-style business…without the franchise binding! Vanessa is a truly genuine person looking to make an impact in other people’s lives. It’s great opportunity to work with her and team. She’s dedicated to deliver the best value. – Yogesh Prajapati

Let them do the fulfillment work – I want to go sell! – Anonymous

This is a fully done-for-you business opportunity! – Gary Graham

You can have all your branding including your website, marketing materials and more done-for-you by an experienced agency led by Vanessa – AND you can have that successful agency and their experienced staff standing behind you. Priceless! – Scott Seales

Vanessa is on fire! Her enthusiasm is contagious. She’s also so unapologetically real, so humble. It’s encouraging. – Chip Paschal

It’s so important to have a reliable fulfillment team like NerdMetrics in place for your agency! – Kiana Hill

This eliminates any outsourcing concerns I’ve ever had. I love the simplified products & services to scale. – Bob Petty

Exactly what I needed to kickstart things! – Joe Spann

Vanessa was right on point!! Her planning of this project was well thought out and from personal experiences she has run into with her clients. She has put this program in the category of FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION!!! – Lewis Butler

Vanessa was sincere, knowledgeable and caring. She seemed to understand how frustrating it can be for someone starting out in this business, and produced a systematic solution to the most perplexing challenges. – Craig Lunde

Vanessa exudes confidence and trust in her service offerings. – Jim McCabe

Thank you Vanessa! I love your down to earth style. Everything was explained so well, and opened my mind to the possibilities. – Lisa Harris

This platform is great for someone who has an agency or is trying to start their agency, such as myself. It will give any agency a high powered appearance and add a lot of substance as well as allow the agency owner to just sell and not have to fulfill their services. I think that Vanessa has created a product that takes away a lot of stress and solves some of the biggest concerns of the agency owner. This was worth the taking time out to watch the presentation. This is exactly what I need to jump start my agency. – Braylon Jackson

All I can say is THANK YOU! You have put together an amazing opportunity to help me move forward and succeed! – Judy Carrico

This product is awesome and really solves some huge problems for an Agency Business owner. You get what is basically an agency franchise business opportunity, that offers a step by step guide for setting up your own agency business. Then there is the DFY agency fulfillment services provided by an experienced team. This is who will help you get the job done and you can feel confident because Vanessa Underhill is at the helm with years of experience running her own very successful agency business. This is a fantastic opportunity, and I am really excited about the potential that this provides. Now I can focus on managing and growing my business thru selling, instead of having to worry about the fulfillment side of the business. With this opportunity, I know I will be able to scale my business and grow with confidence, because I know I have a quality team working with me and supporting my business. – Gail Perry Grinkevich

I’m finally feeling like I can do this!! I always felt like there is soooo much to learn. Now NerdMetrics will do it for me. I’ve watched far to many webinars….not anymore. No more Shiny Object Syndrome. Thank you Vanessa. – Lisa Harris

Vanessa and team came across as genuine, personable, and competent. I’m looking forward to working with them! – Tom Lynch

Vanessa is always on top of her game and this was no different. I have struggled for years getting my agency going. Spent thousands and have gathered a few clients along the way. But I need this to make a go of this career. – Brad Dixon