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When asked what they enjoyed or valued most about this training & demo, here’s what people had to say:

I’m excited about the sales scripts and that it looks like an easy way to get clients calling me.
Kay C.

The sheer scope of how much there is to it. It’s a full DFY package which is a win-win for all concerned, the client, myself.
Lee M.

Comprehensive presentation with multiple inputs available in Australia & New Zealand and Insight from Rob who has a program that is proven over a number of years.
Lachlan A.

Rob Warner’s breakdown of his business model and strategy.
Dan H.

Immediate value to a potential client.
Larry C.

Ease of presentation to clients.
Daniel R.

What I valued the most was the focus on specific niches.
John S.

There was a qualified person who understands Google AdWords and has built a large business using it.
Mike M.

The different approach for using PPC as the primary tool for lead generation vs. managing PPC campaigns.
David S.

As always, packed with valuable information GoMobile team always delivers.
Gary C.

It offered a service that every biz wants and needs.
Teresa H.

Examples of what is working and suggestions to implement.
Harold S.

This is exactly what I want to do.
Paul C.

Clients can see results quickly, which will lead to trust and more business.
Scott S.

I like the idea of being able to offer something with a faster and provable ROI.
Darcey H.

Well thought-out approach to turn-key system for PPC marketing.
Doug L.

The opportunity to promote PPC and position that sale in our own terms, along with the tools for leads and sales of the product itself, while capitalizing on the reputation of Rob Warner’s company, a top-level Google certified partner, made this a one-of-a-kind opportunity.
Rick G.

The done-for-you prospecting and quick ROI.
DelRoy G.

The Sales Guides.
Mark G.

When asked what their biggest takeaways were, people said:

Guides availability – As 1st-timer huge confidence builder.
Deb H.

The business model, how innovative and yet so easy to implement. Scalability of PPC, working out the numbers.
Fredrik K.

This would be a perfect complement to my video agency.
Dennis B.

Google Ads are alive & how big a % of their earnings comes from Ads (so it’s not going away anytime soon!), White Label Agency partnership, Proven Complete Turn Key outsourced solution, Google Premier partner credibility, Benefit of Sales Guides, Gap in the market to provide a solution for people wasting money on Google, Access to 4 week training sessions to reinforce features of program.
Lachlan A.

Lead with results proven strategies for delivering what clients want.
Simon H.

How easy it can be implemented.
Butler L.

That people are still clicking on Google ads. Also loved the simple sales script and ability to gain credibility when just starting out.
Fiona C.

Daniel R.

How many sources of local marketing are being commoditized and cheapened and how PPC overcomes that.
Don M.

The value of seeing it from the customer’s view point. They DO want leads. Also, how well this is packaged.
John S.

How to presell clients with the sales guides.
Mike M.

I did not have much of an idea about PPC before and the fact that there is another alternative way to help clients by bringing them instant leads.
Vinay K.

The ability of the new software platform.
Tabitha H.

I can do this and it should not take too much of my time.
David S.

Knowing I have a great service to expand my biz.
Teresa H.

That the help offered offered in the done-for-you portions of the program will make it easy to have confidence in my ability to produce almost instant results.
Harold S.

The”proof” you can provide.
Paul C.

How quickly clients can get results.
Scott S.

How stupid I’d be for NOT doing this!
Ed H.

That this is the perfect system to make good money while making it easy to position myself with new clients for upsells.
Al E.

Done for you system.
Cristina C.

I am excited about being able to approach successfully the best clients amid real competition without fear. In fact, using that circumstance to make an offer of real results that can undoubtedly be demonstrated.
Rick G.

Get their phones ringing with sales to build trust and respect.
Amro E.