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 As you know, the PPC Profits Formula Webinar Special is officially closed…(Bet you know a guy…. or know a guy who knows a guy. Or, maybe YOU ARE the guy!) Anyway, you’re here and we’re glad!

If you somehow missed these trainings before OR just needed to take another look, this is the place. BUT, keep in mind, we can’t keep this up forever, so make sure you contact Ian right away.

Check out Damien and Jerry in the video below, as they share how to stop chasing broke clients. AND, show you how to identify, and land affluent ones that ready and willing to pay you 1,500 – $6,000 Per MONTH!

If you liked the video above, you’re going to LOVE this one!! This is Damien and Rob… yep, the very same one Damien talked about on the earlier training, good old six figure Rob.

He went from being “asset rich and cash poor” due to the real estate bust… and spending $30,000+ on a very expensive education on what NOT to do.

To  within a year and a half of finding an implementing his GoMobile training,  bringing in over $165,000.00 in revenue, with a whopping $78,000 of that being recurring! (That doesn’t even count the barters – his new car, ownership in a restaurant, and more)

AND, you have got to see the bonuses he throws in…. this guy is AMAZING!


Now, if you want to take a gander at all the bonuses and good stuff that comes with the PPC Profits Formula, you can check it out here http://ppcprofitsformula.com/join/ BUT, the sales page is closed.

Ahhhh, but that’s where Ian comes in! You see, because you’re someone special.(Clearly! Or you would never have found our secret page!) Ian has been given special authorization to accept new members into the program for a limited time. AND, Damien has also authorized him to hook you up with ALL the special bonuses.

Keep in mind, part of these bonuses are LIVE trainings, so if you wait too long, those trainings will have already taken place. You’ll get the recordings of course, but you’ll miss out on the opportunity to have YOUR questions answered by the experts.

And of course, there’s no telling how long we’ll keep this insider offer open…

If you’re ready to take the plunge right now, you can fill out the waiting list form below. OR, you can call Ian directly at: 877-518-5777 ext 502

Hurry, this won’t last long!