Kevin Shared His #1 Client-Closing Discovery.
Here’s what happened…


48 hours later…from Kevin Wilke: “Wow, Chuck has moved his people through the 2nd stage of the funnel and ended up with 7 people to interview next week!!”


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Speaker 1: Let’s a bring chuck on who jumped on this Like it’s like, uh, right after the Webinar we had a quick call, gave him some, uh, some of the resources. And let’s hear what this looked like for you, chuck in the past 24 hours of taking action on this. All right. Can you guys hear me

Speaker 2: Hey Chuck, you’re good man. All right. So first of all, one thing Kevin and Damien for inviting me on to talk today, I’m really excited to share what’s been going on. It’s been crazy. Um, just a little background here. I’ve been in digital marketing game for a little while now and in the last year I’ve been really focusing on like marketing consulting and funnel design strategy sessions, that type of thing. However, you know, just like most people on the Webinar, there’s a constant struggle to find more clients. And until now most of my business has come from networking and referrals. Um, but reality is I don’t have the time or the desire to sit there and cold call on businesses. I know that there are people out there that love to do that, both on the phone and in person, but even though I’ve done them both, that’s definitely not something that I enjoy.

Speaker 2: Now if you really think about it, you know, I thought about this a lot. I’m facing two major challenges in my business anyway. Number one, I need to hire salespeople so I can get my business to the next level. And I’ve been talking about this for geez, well over a year if not two. You know we spend a lot, as Damien mentioned, we spend a lot of time in the masterminds talking about how to do this and I know that, well, ideally as business owners we would love to have our sales people out there finding and closing their own deals. However, anyone who’s ever managed a sales team before and knows that you need to be able to also feed them qualified leads to follow up on. And I guess, you know, I’ve been really hesitant to actually hire salespeople because I was concerned I wasn’t going to be able to generate enough leads for them, keep them happy and productive.

Speaker 2: And cover that. Uh, I dunno if anyone else on the webinars experienced that before. Um, you know, I’m sure that there’s been some now. The other thing was appointment setters. Now I knew that I needed to assist them to generate more appointments and I’ve heard of, you know, hiring appointment setters, you know, many of us have it. Matter of fact, jeez, I get hit up almost every day on linkedin and or via email, you know, other services claiming that they’ll make the calls, I’ll do the emails, all this stuff and set the appointments for you. The problem is this, usually when I look into it, they have mixed reviews. I’ve actually talked to some of those companies and most of them just don’t have a good process. Others, they’re just like super overpriced. So it led me to believe that I need to hire my own team. Here’s the other reality is that I don’t have a clue of how to do that and really me not knowing how to do that or having an effective process, that’s what’s kept me from doing anything and really just keep putting it off. So, you know, once again, I didn’t feel I have the time or expertise to generate a lot of those candidates. But more importantly,

Speaker 2: I knew I didn’t have a system. Right I needed it can be just inundating too. You know, how do you comb through all the candidates and qualify and narrow them down to listen to people that actually made sense to interview. It can take a huge amount of time and I just don’t have it. I know many of you don’t either. Um, and so it left me confused and really frustrated. Um, you know, sure. Maybe some of you can relate to this as well, but the reality is I’m just like many of you on the Webinar today, you know, I’ve definitely had my share of, uh, times of Shiny Object Syndrome, right I’ve had times where I just wasn’t sure what to do. Um, I didn’t know where to start, so I kept procrastinating. I’m curious, you know, any of you, any of you on this Webinar, can you relate to those challenges, you know, confusions and frustrating about how to do these things or where to start

Speaker 2: So if you have, you know, let me know. I just, I’m sure that I’m not the only one in that struggle with these obstacles. So if it’s okay with you, I’d like to share with you some of the major changes that recently took place. Cause now I think about these two issues very differently. Um, so what I want to do is share the, the process that I went through and then some of the results. Would you guys like to hear more

Speaker 2: Let’s do it!

Speaker 2: Wanna hear more? All right. So the solution that Kevin put together is a, is a big part. It’s an important part of my business that’s been missing until now. You know, right after the product was launched, I jumped in. As soon as I saw it, I knew without a doubt that I had to go all in, you know, so I took a closer look at the program.

Speaker 2: You know, I’m a pretty analytical guy and, and what I saw was that is really laser focused. And what I know now is that I can spend about 90% less of my time figuring out how to hire the appointment setters. How to make them successful because here’s the beauty of it. You don’t have to be great at sales. You do not have to be great on the phone. You know why Because there’s a ton of people out there that are good on the phone and love to make those calls and the best part of it is that many of those same people have sales experience and they’re experts at setting appointments and guess what They’re looking for new opportunities, your opportunity, my opportunity and that’s what makes this really cool. Now the thing you need to realize is, you know, you hear this all the time, you need a proven step by step system to follow.

Speaker 2: I tell that to my consulting clients all the time. You know in marketing we tell our people you have to have a proven step by step system and that’s exactly what Kevin put together. You just follow the system and you’ll find the appointment setters. Then all you have to do is have those people follow the proven system and it’ll be a great process to get you where you want to go as far as in sales. And if you eventually hire sales people, you’ll be able to do that. And I’ve got to tell you my, uh, my stress and anxiety levels have definitely dropped since I invested in the, uh, in the program and the reason is because now I know I don’t have to spend many hours combing through the dozens of applications. I don’t, I’m not going to have to spend hours trying to figure out a system, you know, to use them just to figure out who’s who’s worth talking to and who’s not.

Speaker 2: Right. As you, when you see the numbers, you’ll see that there’s a lot of people was, you know, as Damien mentioned, um, I literally have about every home local product that’s uh, that offered in the last five years and they’re great products and I think I made money on every one of them. And they all have training in the portal. And those of you who have go mobile solutions that some of the products you see, the training’s really good. But this is the difference with this training. This is hands on training, uh, Kevin and his team, they’re going to walk you through step by step on a live coaching call and, and show you exactly what you need to do. And for me, the, the experience over the last several days has been absolutely amazing. So when you, uh, you know, when you invest in the program today and you get on the live training calls, you’re going to be, you can be pretty impressed. So,

Speaker 3: well let me break in here to qualify something cause I know questions come off and some of your mind is, you know, for those of you that are already in the program or wait a minute, we haven’t gone through this stuff yet, how did Ch uck get so far ahead. So let me let you in on a little something here. When chuck reached out to me and said, man, I love this. I want this, let’s roll with this. I said, great, I’m going to move you to the front of line. Get you on the phone right now with Kevin. I want him to go through the stuff that everybody’s going to be essentially going through on the implementation training. And I want you, cause I know you’re gotta take action, I know you’re gonna push the buttons and I know you’re going to put it in to work. And so he did it. So I did move into the front of the line and put them on the phone for the purpose of doing this. Yes, I had an agenda. I knew it was going to work. So I wanted to see how it was gonna work and then had this Webinar for him to share it with you. So don’t worry, the, the, the class definitely starts next week for all of you. Go ahead, Chuck.

Speaker 2: All right, cool. So here, here’s what happened to me personally. So I had a call with Kevin and his team this past Thursday, so not too long ago. And here’s what they went over. We went over the exact ad copy for the job listing. We went over the followup emails that need to be sent to the candidates at the different stages. Uh, we went over the outline for the video that you’re going to use in the process that, that Kevin described. They walk me through how to set up the qualification funnel in the, um, the special software platform they use. And I received the exact questions I need to be asked and how to properly apply points to the different answers. Um, because what happens is the system based on their answer applies certain points and that helps you prequalify or decide to reject those people. So it was very intuitive, it’s intelligent and uh, I tell you that the questions that they ask were very well thought out. Um, so is it a, it’s okay to go ahead and show the results now? Yeah. All right. So this is literally just between 12:00 PM yesterday and 6:00 PM. So this is the first batch you can go ahead and show the numbers.

Speaker 2: So I had 60 candidates apply, then 25 of those 60 actually click through to the talent trial and where they’re asked to go through that, that series of questions, go ahead and click 12 of those. So about half of those people completed the trial, meaning they completed all the questions. And then as I went through those, I moved 10 of those to stage two. And then five I rejected. So was um, I guess my one number’s off, but uh, I rejected five of them cause they just didn’t qualify. And the beauty of it was it only took me a couple of minutes to go through each one because of the way the scoring in the system is set up. And then I think I also, um, put in here’s the results from as of um,

Speaker 1: oh one thing I want to point out real quick

Speaker 3: hours

Speaker 1: and the uh, yeah, and six hours getting 60 candidates applying, uh, points. You have a, a great job ad that’s like, uh, I go bugs being attracted to a light, but in the traditional way, that would’ve been just massive overwhelm trying to process and evaluate each one of those candidates and would have been like a huge, uh, this is a massive challenge if you didn’t have this a funnel approach.

Speaker 2: Right. And then, then the next slide. So this is, um, between yesterday and 9:00 AM today. So there’s been over now it’s like, I think it’s closer to, um, 115 hundred 20 by now, but 105 candidates applied to the position, 49 made it to the trial where they’re asked to go through it. Okay. So still run a runner by half and 18 total. 18 completed the trial. Now here’s the beauty. I don’t have time or desire to go through 105 candidates, right to look through each one of them, but because they kind of self qualify or self reject themselves, then it made it easy cause there’s just 18 that I’ve got to go through. So I, I, I haven’t had time to um, go through the rest of the ones that completed. So there was still three out of that five and move the stage to now what happens in Stage two is there’s another set of questions and that’s where we, you know, we all have them record themselves and we kinda qualify. And then the last step will be setting up an interview an actual interview. So I think it’s like, man, it’s crazy. So you know,

Speaker 3: just to break in here, what can you tell me about those 18 people Like obviously the cream up rises to the top through the process, but like even the three out of five, like, you know, on a level of one to 10 in terms of qualified, what would you say there

Speaker 2: really qualified Not, you know, the five I’ve rejected basically, you know, they put on the one form, uh, that they had a certain amount of years of experience. And then when I looked at the resume, it wasn’t there. And then the other set of questions kind of set them apart. So, but the ones that passed, they were great man. They had several years of experience and appointment setting. Um, there’s a good amount of them that have actual sales experience. So it’s exciting because I didn’t have, you know,

Speaker 3: so think about this, you know, for those of you that have the go mobile lead automator or the famous lead Kahuna or the prospectzio , just any of these lead scraper softwares, right You, if you bought a global product, you have one. And it’s like, imagine being able to put a thousand names, you know, or you know, hundreds of names every day to someone that’s going to sit there calling cold calling while you’re at work, while you’re at work, while you’re working your nine to five. They’re sitting there cold calling and they like it. They actually love it, they’re qualified to do it, and you’re just giving them, you know, a hundred groupers every day or a hundred dental hygienists every day or plastic surgeons. Here you go, well maybe that didn’t work. Let’s go for this ditch. Now. Imagine what that looks like. So that’s what I love about this is like we’re not going to have 105 people to go through. We’re going to get the three to five people in one day’s worth of work and actually enjoy and are super experienced and qualified doing just that cold call. Right.

Speaker 2: And, and here’s the thing, I know that the idea is to have people start as appointment setters and then eventually some of those would want to move into a sales role. But based on what I’ve seen so far, I’m really confident that out of the batch of candidates I’ve reviewed so far, I’m going to get at least one person that’s going to start as a sales consultant. I actually, one of the people that were here in southern California and they actually have sales experience in digital marketing. So I probably, you know, start them off for a shorter amount of time doing the appointments just to make sure they’re not scared of the phone and then move it up. And that’s going to make a huge difference for me, you know. And um, oh here, you know, here’s something else. Kevin showed me how to do this right with this whole process, $0 in ad spend $0 for the job posting platform, $0 for the candidate qualification and funnel software.

Speaker 2: I mean it’s going gonna be a complete game changer for my business, especially when I combine it with the system that I’m already doing. And you know I, and like I said, I have all the GoM obile products, I don’t care. It doesn’t matter what GoMobile products you guys have or what products or services you’re offering. The system of work is just going to get you in front of the right people, your target audience. So I want to, you know, really thank you guys for putting this together and you know, Kevin could have all kind of done this and just kept it to himself but that’s not how he did. I really appreciate this.

Speaker 3: Yeah. Rolling Chuck, we got to thank you for taking action. I knew it would be inspirational, which is why I wanted to do this. I knew you would take action and then we would be able to see results today. So it worked like a charm. So thank you so much for sharing your experience and you know, this is something you’re going to keep running. This is 24 hours of work, but you know as big as you want to grow your agency, you can keep this thing always running and just choose when you want to hire more candidates. So anyway, good job man.

Speaker 2: Yeah, thanks. So you know, last thing I just want to say is, you know, if you’ve not, if you haven’t invested in this training or if you’re on the fence, get in it, man, I, it’s like I get it. I understand. But you gotta the key to his success as you got in, I’ve learned this over the years for many good people is you got to take action and now’s the time. And you know, you’ve heard the results. I’ve gotten in literally 24 hours and that’s real. And so get in there and listen, let’s share our success stories in the Facebook group.

Speaker 3: Yeah, man, you’ll be happy to hear your friends, Douglas Blatt and Steve Weber and some of these guys that you’ve met. They’re in. In fact, already today, out of the 10 that you offered, Kevin, I just wanted you to know Brad Dixon, a former mastermind alumni as well as on this call. He says, get me in. So He’s already in Solon water. Welcome you in Brad as well. So, all right. We haven’t even got to the presentation yet. We’ve got people saying me in love

Speaker 1: that. All right. Thank you guys. Thanks a lot, chuck, and uh, it’s been great working with, you know, the past couple of days and can’t wait to see the results that started showing up over the next couple of weeks as you, as we go through the program. Absolutely. All right.