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Hear How John Wright Sold His First App For $3,000 To Gulf Coast Lakes & Wetlands Just Last Week…

When Asked What Their Biggest Takeaways Were, Here’s
What Members Of The GoMobile Solutions Community Had To Say…

The leveraging power of having professional apps created for me for such a great deal! – Joanne D.

I like the lead generation tool and the white label website – Robert K.

GoMobile has the best means of making money for regular folk – Wade W.

The size of the mobile industry – Gayland N.

Different ways to be able to market mobile apps – Guy T.

A 97.00 product that can be worth 3k in the market – Oliver F.

Understanding that your methods work and that people are making $$$$ – Gail G.

The done for you feature is a great enabler – Christopher D.

The ever-increasing need of local businesses to have a mobile app – Tracy W.

The quality of the apps being produced – Joe C.

How mobile apps can be used in ways most people do not think of – Chuck C.

Just how good the program is and how outstanding the information and excitement was – Mike W.

That you can get an app built for $97 – Shawn D.

After being away from the platform, it showed me the value of having the apps Done-For-You – Johnny P.

The positive feedback from members about high ticket sales – very exciting – David C.

That this is something that I can actually do – Gary P.

That I can have an app built without the technical know-how Margaret O. 

The scope for increasing customers and the ability to quickly get started with the program – Graeme P.